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Ministry Wives

For women whose husbands are in fulltime ministry

Join the conversation at our Her Green Room online community for ministry wives! Find blog posts, videos with discussion questions, and the “Meet Her” series, featuring other ministry wives. Her Green Room: a place to be refreshed and renewed—your place out of the spotlight!

 “Every pastor’s wife needs hope. Every pastor needs hope. Every ministry family needs hope. Every church needs to multiply hope. And every layperson in every church needs hope. Simply stated, hope means you can count on God's promises in spite of circumstances and limitations. He is always faithful, reliable, trustworthy and honest. He guarantees His promises. Apply those words to your situation—faithful, reliable, honest, trustworthy and guaranteeing. Try seeing your setting through God’s perspective. Then, in a matter of seconds, obstacles and hindrances look so different. Keep hope alive, regardless of the obstacles.”

—from Married to a Pastor: how to stay happily married in the ministry, by H.B. London and Neil B. Wiseman

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